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Professor Robert Floden - Teacher Education Counseling, Educational Psychology, & Special Education
Ph.D., Stanford University
Phone: 517-432-2804 517-355-3486
Office: 116M Erickson Hall, Michigan State University, MI 48824

Robert Floden is a University Distinguished Professor of Teacher Education, Measurement and Quantitative methods, Educational Psychology, Mathematics Education, and Educational Policy. He is Co-Director of the Education Policy Center , Director of the Institute for Research on Teaching and Learning, and Associate Dean for Research, . He has studied teacher education and other influences on teaching and learning, including work on the cultures of teaching, on teacher development, on the character and effects of teacher education, and on how policy is linked to classroom practice. His current research examines teacher preparation and teachers’ mathematical knowledge for teaching. He is a member of the National Academy of Education.

Areas Of Expertise
  • Educational policy and practice
  • Teaching, teacher education & teacher learning
  • Mathematics education
  • Philosophical issues in education
  • Research methodology

Doctoral Program Areas